There is no heavier burden than unfulfilled potential.

If you want to become the best painter you can be and explore your creative potential, then welcome to The Norfolk Painting School.

How It Works

We offer a range of exciting, practical and structured oil painting programs aimed to meet the needs of both new and practicing painters, plus a range of short courses if you’d just like to get a feel for what we can offer you.

To get started just choose where you feel you are and what you’d like to achieve. All of our courses are open to everyone, and include everything you need for an on the course, so all you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to discover your potential.

Martin Kinnear demonstrating Turner’s later techniques. Technical principles are at the heart of all of our courses, so all of our tutors are practicing artists and experts in their field.

Discover Your Style

We believe that artists should discover their own style and not have that imposed upon them by the art school. For this reason we always teach the principles of the great traditional and contemporary masters, rather than a formula devised by our tutors.

All of our courses are based around teaching principles which you can then apply, in your way, in your own work. That’s how painting was taught for centuries and why all of our courses are focused upon you.

There is no right way to paint – only your way. This student loved the principles of Caravaggio, so we taught him how it was done. Now he can use those methods as a basis for his own original creative ideas

Joined Up Courses mean better results

Because you’ll want to pursue your own interests and not cover old ground, all of our courses are linked to make it easy to work from one to the next without unnecessary repetition.  We suggest that you start with one of our three foundation courses designed for your current level of ability, before pursuing your interests in a more specialist workshop. However if you wish, you can join the school on any course at any level; its all about you.

A student getting some core skills under her belt, before pursuing her own creative vision.

The Friendly Studio

We absolutely hate cliques, so we don’t do it. As an independent studio we’re as serious about Art as any exclusive Art academy, and just as dedicated to our students. Excellence without exclusivity; it can done and you’ll find it here.

Small groups. friendly tuition, approachable tutors; it’s not too much to ask is it? Martin Kinnear chatting with a Diploma group in the school cafe.


To talk call Jane on 01485 528588 or 07766 230376