Beyond Simply

Beyond Simply is a four day exploration of intermediate painting skills in four very different and rewarding genres.

Written for with our Simply Oils students in mind, Beyond Simply is intended to give you the skills you need to begin to explore different genres and even start to  specialise as a painter.

Based  over four very different days the course offers:

Day 1: Traditional Glazing. A marine landscape or sky painting using traditional wet over dry glazing. This day will add the use of specialist optical mediums, and a whole new technique (glaze over grisaille) to your skills.

Day 2: Figure Painting: An ebauche figures and portraits day which will expand upon your ebauche skills from Simply Oils, to add traditional three stage modelling. in the classical manner of painters such as Sargent.

Day3: Impressionist Painting: A hugely important and valuable expansion of the colour skills taught on Simply, towards impressionist colour planning and the modelling of Forms using temperature.

Day 4: Contemporary Colour and Mark Making. Lively colour, expressive handling and expressive mark making, these are the things of contemporary painting and the subjects of our final day.

Beyond Simply is available in both Norfolk and at our studio on Anglesey, and is £475 at our Pay Now price for four days (standard price £550).