Figures & Portraits

Course Details

DateWed 20th Nov 2019
Duration3 Days
Pay Now Price £395.00

‘Fen is a star, she is an inspiring teacher ‘

Figures & Portraits is our one stop shop for the essential painting skills you need for classical and contemporary figure painting.

Who it’s For

Figures and Portraits is for painters who want to know how classical figure painters such as Sargent worked, and wish to try out ways of using those skills in a more contemporary way.

How it Works

Starting by teaching you the basic approaches to classical figure painting, this course moves on to show you how some classically trained painters used their skills to become more contemporary . Figures & Portraits is not a figure drawing class, nor do you need classical drawing skills to take part.

Where to Do It

Figures & Portraits is only available at our Norfolk studio.

Fees and Booking

Course only £385 (at our Pay Now Price) , as a stand alone 3 day workshop.

To book online select a course date and pay, or if you prefer to speak to us call Jane on 01485 528588

Martin On Figures & Portraits

‘Classical painting is actually quite a small part of a traditional Atelier program, which necessarily devotes years to acquiring the skills required for sight size classical drawing and modelling. So I wondered if it would be useful to offer those painting skills to students who don’t necessarily want to  commit to a full atelier program, and the result is this course. Does it work? Well, its been in our program by popular demand for three years now, so yes, the demand –  is there, because of the results our students achieve.’

What’s Included
  • Three days of structured specialist oils tuition, which means you get a focused  and proven learning experience
  • Explanation, hands on painting  and demonstration led learning, by a tutor with two studio assistants which means you get help at your easel
  • All materials and notes, are included so you don’t need to bring a thing or worry about what you need for the course
  • Learn traditional and contemporary systems for figure painting in oils, so you can study the old masters and see how to use this skills in your own creative work.
  • Refreshments and a light lunch included, so you can socialise at the School with your fellow students
  • If you’re still not committed to figure painting consider Beyond Simply, it’s a foundation but includes a day of figure painting, plus other approaches for you to try and consider.
  • If you are an experienced painter consider Intensive Skills because we can show you how to transition into or improve your oils without limiting you to a specific genre .
More Information

Oils are the traditional medium for figure and portrait painting, so where better to brush up your skills than at the Norfolk Painting School? Our  Figures & Portraits is a practical way to get into the genre, featuring traditional and contemporary methods for creating your own masterpieces at home.

Taught in a straight forward, practical way the course teaches you to make studies of famous examples of figure and portrait Art to teach you the skills you need to create your own original work. Starting with traditional portraits based on the techniques of Caravaggio, Rembrandt or Degas, the class moves on to teach you how the later Impressionists used colour and mark making to create life like images.  As you’d expect from the Norfolk Painting School, every class is flexed to suit the abilities of your class, so no two courses will be the same.

Figures & Portraits is a class for existing and improving oil painters intended to follow one of our Simply Oils courses.  Although it is possible to learn the techniques taught on the courses without having any drawing skills we strongly recommend that to get the most out of this course you should be able to sketch confidently, rapidly and accurately.