Order Materials

The School offers a wide range of specialist oil painting materials to purchase by mail order.

If you need any supplies , please  email Jane on jane@norfolkpaintingschool.com


Our sets offer great value on the most important colours you’ll need to start oil painting. You can customise any set you like by adding individual colours (t extra cost) just ask when you order.

Core Paint Set: Titanium White (150ml), Ivory Black (37ml). Alizarin Crimson (37), Dioxazine Purple (37), Ultramarine Blue (37), Sap Green (37), Hansa Yellow Light (37), Cadmium Red Medium (37).

£70 (saving £11)

Core Paint Set

The Core Paint Set offers a range of useful and balanced colours of decent tinting strength to allow you to emulate studies from most periods. The set comprises one great choice from each of the six colour families plus both achromatics. We may substitute like for like (e.g. Cadmium  Yellow Light for Hansa to replace the cool yellow ) from time to time so as not to delay fulfilment of your order.   All colours are Gamblin 1980 grade paints as used in the School workshops.

Core Brush Set: Glazing Brush (2″), Large Filbert (12), Medium Filbert(8), Small Filbert(4) Small Round(2).

£30 (saving £5 on individual items)

The Core Brush Set includes everything you need to paint a  medium sized oil, comprising a 2″ flat area brush for glazing, imprimatura, softening, blocking in etc, plus large (12) and medium and small (8 and 4) Filberts for modelling Forms and a small round (2 ) for spotting and placing impasto.  All brushes are artist grade natural bristle or Hog as used at the School. We may make up exact brush sizes (e.g. 6 or 8 for the medium brush), depending on current stock, so as not to delay your order.

Core Brush Set

Core Oil Medium/ Solvent Set : Alkyd Resin and OMS

£45 (saving £5 on individual products)

Galkyd Resin (500ml)

Gamsol Odour Free Mineral Spirit 500ml

Core Medium Set

These are the core mediums and solvents you need to create the standard Norfolk Painting School general purpose painting medium, suitable for direct painting, imprimatura on a short ground or glazing.  Galkyd Resin and Gamsol Solvent are arguably the best modern products their type offering ultra low odour, reliable drying and easy clean up. For technical details visit gamblincolors.com

Specialist Oil Colours

We stock a wide range of Gamblin studio grade (1980) paints, supplemented with Artist Grade oils to extend our palette for specific workshops.

Gamblin 1980 colours are not standard student grade but formulated with pure pigments,  refined linseed oil and marble dust (calcium carbonate). This means you can have the experience of using true colours, without the  homogenised texture or muddy colour mixtures characteristic of student grade paints.

We offer most of the colours you commonly need in 1980 Grade, please contact jane@norfolkpaintingschool.com for our current mail order price list

Gamblin Artist Grade colours are top quality, well made paints with a high pigment load.

We offer a focussed range of unusual colours as used in our workshops in Artist Grade please contact jane@norfolkpaintingschool.com for our current mail order price list

Specialist Materials

We stock a great range of traditional and modern oil painting mediums, oils, dry pigments, calcites and solvents as well as tools, including

Drying Oils: Refined  Linseed, Stand Oil, Burnt Plate Oil

Calcites: Whiting. Marble Dust (painter’s grade)

Dry Pigment for en- grisaille, en-brunaille, Flemish and Venetian Boles plus specialist colours

Gamblin Mediums: Galkyd Lite, Slow Dry, Standard, Solvent Free Gel, Cold Wax Paste

Gamblin Solvents: Gamsol in various sizes

Varnishes: Lac flakes (blonde, super blonde, garnet) for making up plus ready to use Gamblin Gamvar

Tools and miscellaneous : Paint Shapers, large brushes, palette knives, Norfolk Painting School Aprons, Studio jackets.

Please contact jane@norfolkpaintingschool.com for our current mail order stock and price list


We despatch via Fedex, the cost is £10 per parcel, UK Mainland. For non UK mainland deliveries please enquire.