Masterclass for 2019

Course Details

DateWed 24th Jul 2019
Duration4 Days
Pay Now Price N/A

‘Great Artists Steal’ (Picasso)

Masterclasses are about appropriating the last best thing and turning them into your next new thing. This year: Bonnard and British Expressionism 

Who it’s For

Masterclasses are course for competent practicing painters. If you’re stuck in a creative rut then other painters have the answer to your next step forward. Masterclasses are critical, creative and technical explorations of the best ideas in painting, along with methods of using them in your own work.

Martin’s Masterclass for 2019 explores the colourful expressive styles of the Nabist painters – particularly Bonnard and Matisse and  how they shaped the creative styles of many leading 20th century Modernist British artists such as Winifred Nicholson, Patrick Heron, and Howard Hodgkin.

This is a course about mark making, colour, simplicity, luminosity and shapes and how those ideas, and that aesthetic, can directly revitalise your work. This year’s Masterclass explore the imaginary worlds and shimmering colours of Bonnard as well as associated Nabist painters and how these influenced british artists such as Winifred Nicholson, Heron, Hitchens  and Hodgkin.

How it Works

Martin’s Masterclasses are challenging, energising, creative and intensive four day workshops for experienced practicing painters. During the course you will create studies and sketches which explore key ideas and concepts which you can then choose to incorporate into your work and make your own. Masterclasses do not offer any tuition in core painting skills but are designed to improve and revitalise skills you already have.

Where to Do It.

Masterclasses are only available with Martin at his Norfolk studio

Fees and Booking

Course only £800 (at our Pay Now Price) , as a stand alone 4 day workshop.

The MasterClass will run from July 24th – 27th inclusive.

To book online select a course date and pay, or if you prefer to speak to us call Jane on 01485 528588

Martin’s view of Kinnear On the Masterclass

‘Self improvement is a constant process for me, so I’m always exploring , reflecting upon and incorporating great ideas into my own work.  To teach is to learn, so I bring the best of those ideas into the classroom each year for off sessions on transformative painting   ‘  

What’s Included

  • Four days of structured specialist oils tuition on  transformative ideas and approaches to use to revitalise your own practice.
  • Explanation, hands on painting and demonstration led learning, by a tutor with studio assistants which means you get advice at your easel.
  • All materials and notes, are included so you don’t need to bring a thing or worry about what you need for the course.
  • This year’s focus ins expressionsm, using memory, colour and optics to create abstracted but not abstract works.
  • Our most challenging and rewarding course – if you are an open minded  practicing artist
  • Refreshments and a light lunch included, so you can socialise at the School with your fellow students
  • If you’ve never been to us before this course is not open to you, as Martin will not be covering any core skills, please take one of our foundations, ideally Intensive Skills or supply followed by Beyond Simply.
  • This course is an ideal top up to a Diploma or series of short courses
More Information

The focus for this years  masterclass is abstraction from memory using colour, optics and mark making to good effect. It would be highly advantageous to have a good grasp of colour, making this class a great companion course to Kinnear on Colour. A visit to the  2019 Tate show of Bonnard’s works will be useful if you have not seen them in person, as the optical effects created in them do not translate well on screen.

Please note that Masterclass place are strictly limited and always in high demand, The MasterClass will run from July 24th – 27th inclusive.