Classical Figures & Portraits – Velasquez to Sargent

Learning to paint a challenging subject is a fast track to competence

Classical Figures & Portraits: ‘Value, opacity, temperature and the orchestration of  range are the formal language of classical figure painting’.

This intermediate workshop presents an intensive and structured method for the classical method of figure painting.

Over the course you will create several read studies after painters from Rembrandt to Velasquez, Millet or Sargent.

The emphasis here is on learning the process, and gaining an overview of the key methods and media used to create works of this type.

At the end of this three day course you will have a process for practicing and further developing  classical figure painting in your studio; for a more contemporary course, embracing colour and mark making consider combining this  with our other figure painting workshop.

What’s included?

Our courses include everything you need on and for the course, plus a light lunch, refreshments and printed key notes.

The courses are non selective, however they are written to suit students who have tried courses from our foundation or intermediate programs.