Which Course ?

All of our courses are designed to build on each other to give you the best painting tuition, start by deciding where you are now, and what you wish to learn next.

Getting started

Simply Oils tutor, Fen in action


Get started with one of our courses in oil painting the right way, courses in core skills and the craft of painting enable creativity, so we have them for painters of all abilities and levels of experience.

Simply Oils, if you regularly paint in watercolour or acrylic, have never painted in oils or have never been taught to paint, then Simply Oils will be your best choice.  Our signature course since 2007, Simply Oils is the perfect introduction to the art and craft of oil painting.

Moving on

Once you can paint well in oils, you’ll want to focus on the techniques you admire, so that’s what our improvers courses are all about.

Beyond Simply,  If you have completed our Simply Oils course but are unsure of which genre to work in, Beyond Simply will give you a taste of intermediate painting skills in a range of popular styles, from old master glazing to figures, Impressionist colour and contemporary mark making.

Improve & Specialise

Kinnear on Oils , are a series of one off workshops led by course Director Martin Kinnear. Wide ranging, personal, and delivered with passion for the subject, Kinnear on Oils are the perfect way to help you to discover what you  do beyond the core skills taught on our foundation program.

Get serious; try out your new skills by learning the very best ways to use oils.

Go Professional

Skills enable creativity, so we teach you how to develop that too. Our professonal program is devised to help you become the best creative, original artist you can be.

Diploma . Our well regarded Diploma is a structured program encompassing skills, aesthetics, visual design and personal creative development.