Working From Photographic Sources

The lens always lies, because cameras simply do not see the world, and certainly cannot recall it, as we do.  Yet photography has become so ubiquitous that many artists routinely use it as their starting point for painting.

Working From Photographic Sources will show you that the photographic image can be a good servant rather than a bad master; by showing you how inspirational artists have used photos as creative tools to enable their creativity.  The perfect course if you rely on photos, and feel that their input is effecting your work, or if you simply want to try out new ways of using lens technology in your process.


From  £499 with our Pay Now pricing , as a stand alone 3 day workshop.

Working From Photographic Sources is workshop two of our Contemporary Oils Today Certificate Course, and may be taken as an extended four day course as part of the full three month Certificate.

This course includes all materials used on and for the workshop (just bring yourself!), plus a light lunch, notes, refreshments and tuition by one of our trained tutors, plus a  full time studio assistant so you don’t need to set up or scrub down.